My Top Christmas Picks

  1. My favorite Christmas song is Last Christmas. The song is a classic and is so good. Click HERE to listen to Last Christmas by Wham!
  2. My favorite Christmas treat is the Peppermint Kiss. This is what they look like,
  3. My favorite Christmas movie is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. My favorite quote is “The..The..The GRINCH” Click HERE to see the part from the movie.
  4. My favorite Christmas activity is going sledding with my friends. I love just going down the hill really fast and getting to the bottom and falling off my sled.
  5. I want an AppleWatch. I do not care what series I just want an AppleWatch so then I can tell the time and text and all that on my watch. Click HERE to see a AppleWatch.
  6. The best Christmas service is shoveling snow. Every year me and my family shovel the old peoples walk/drive way. It takes us a while but it is helpful because the old people could fall and break their back.
  7. Here is my favorite Christmas meme.
  8. The gift I am giving my mom is jewelry because she wants more gold jewelry cause all she has is silver.
  9. A cool fact about Christmas is the the Christmas tree was first used by ancient Egyptians and Romans.
  10. My best Christmas memory is when I got one of my dogs. He was just a little baby and was so cute. His name is Bodie. We were going to name him Hopper but we looked up dogs names and found Bodie and we all liked it so that is what we named him. (Hopper is his middle name instead.)

Throwback Thursday!

Hello everyone today I will be sharing somethings that are or remind me of my childhood.

Heres one that is my childhood. I use to watch this everyday with my brother. I was our favorite video.


Another childhood item is a whoopie cousin. My brother got one and brought it home and made me sit on it and I laughed so hard. He taught how to blow it up and I played with it for like probably 4 hours and I laughed every single time.

Another one is food. We used to have hotdogs and mac & cheese. When my mom made food she would make hotdogs and mac & cheese and she made dinner a lot.

One is a song and the song is Party in the USA. This was my favorite song growing up. I listened to it all the time.


The show I watched was Little Einsteins. It was my favorite show. I watched it every single morning. When I got a little bit older I watched Tangled every morning also Wild Krats.



My Dream Bedroom!

I have always wanted to have my dream bedroom. But it is kinda expensive.

My first must have has to be a bed. I need somewhere to sleep. I like soft beds but no to soft. But I also don’t want a hard bed, I want a bed that is in-between hard and soft. Also a soft blanket on top.

Second must have is desk. I have always wanted a desk to do my school work and other things. I can keep stuff in it and make is really cute.

Click HERE to see a desk I like and put in my room.

Last must have is going to be a closet. I need some place to put my cloths. I do not like a dirty room so a closet would help keep my room clean. I can put stuff on the shelves and paint it really cute.


My Name!

A question I get a lot is “ What does your name mean?”. Well today I am going to tell you about my name. My name Is Calais, like the city in France. Calais is a fishing city. It is on the coast of France. I got this name from my grandma, she grew up in France and went to Calais, France. She came back and told my parents, My mom was pregnant with me at the time. They loved the name a lot, so that’s how I got my name. My name means beautiful city because it is a beautiful city. Also I just learned today that there is also Calais, Maine. I never knew about it until now. They are both beautiful though, here are some pictures that spell my name.


Things that I got for my Birthday!

Hey everyone, today I am going to talk about what I got for my birthday. I am not trying to brag, I just want to share what I got. So the first thing I got was this moon light. It is a moon that if you press a button it will show you any moon phase. I used to have one and love it but then it broke so I got a new one. The second thing I got was kinda weird but I like it, it is a mannequin head. When I grow up I want to be a hairstylist, so now I can practice hair and curl it and use heat. Another thing I got was a makeup mirror. I lost mine. I needed a new one and I got one. It has a light that you can turn on so you can see what you’re doing a bit better. I also got a giant orbeez ball. It is really satisfying. Also I got some new phone cases, my old one was breaking so I needed that. Those are the main things I got but I also got some clothes and makeup. That’s really all I got. 

Pros and Cons of Middle School

So some of the thoughts on middle school are bad and good. Some good things are social life and getting in the habit of doing things. Some bad things are waking up early and school might be boring.



Social life go up

Getting in the habit of doing things

Getting new things for the school year


Getting up really early

Being tired for a long time

Parents yell at you about your grades


Personality quizzes

So I took some personality quizzes on

I took 3 quizzes that showed me which national park I should go to, which lost civilization I should see, and which planet best suits me. 

So for which national park I should go to I got Smoky Mountains National Park.

If you haven’t heard or seen a picture of the Smoky Mountains, look it up. They are so pretty. I love the mountains so I think it fits me pretty well. They are located between Tennessee and North Carolina.

For the second quiz I took, which lost civilization I should visit, I got Parícutin.

It is a volcano that was very small at first but then it got bigger and bigger. It surprised scientists when it erupted. It is located in the Mexican state of Michoacán, near the city of Uruapan.

For the last quiz which was which planet matches me best. I got Mars.

I guess this should be my new favorite planet.

My Birthday!

So next Tuesday is my BIRTHDAY! I am so excited. I will be turning thirteen, I know I’m getting old. But in real life I am pretty short so when I tell people I’m turning thirteen next week their jaws are on the floor. But for my birthday weekend I am thinking about hanging out with my family. I do not know what we are going to do but I want to make it fun and they have to listen to me. For the summer going into 7th grade I got a perm, right now I am not loving my perm cause when you wake up it is crazy. So for my birthday, for school or just the day, I am going to straighten my hair. It is not my first time straightening my hair, I did it when my hair was naturally straight. But my mom told me that I don’t have to go to school, but in my opinion I like to do my work in class with the teacher there to help me immediately. But I think I might stay home but then my friends can’t tell me happy birthday. Tell me in the comments if I should stay home or go to school. But they can tell me happy birthday the day before my birthday or after my birthday. I think I might actually stay home this year. But I just wanted to tell you all that because I mean why not. It is a big birthday so I kinda had to talk about it. But ya that’s what is happening right now with me.